About the CALIPER Database

The CALIPER database

About the Database

We’ve established a comprehensive database of age- and sex-specific reference intervals for over 200 tests of health and disease, including biochemical, immunological, hematological, nutritional, endocrine, and fertility markers, as well as many special chemistry evaluations, based on data from thousands of healthy children and teens from birth to 18 years old.

The CALIPER database was designed for use by:

  • Healthcare professionals (paediatricians, family physicians, nurses, etc.)

  • Laboratory professionals

  • Families, parents, and children

This database enables lab results to be interpreted against the most appropriate and up-to-date reference intervals developed by CALIPER on multiple clinical chemistry platforms and assays. As the CALIPER program continues to grow and develop, the database is updated with new tests and laboratory platforms.

Users can enter the medical lab test, test result, test unit, patient sex, patient age, and lab instrument (optional) to evaluate a test result in the CALIPER mobile app
Scattergraph of test result values for iron from healthy community children, which are used to determine the reference interval for iron

Users from thousands of institutions around the world use the CALIPER Reference Interval Database.

You can access the CALIPER Reference Interval Database online

or download the mobile app for free on iOS and Android devices

Download the CALIPER app on the Apple App store
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Privacy Policy

The CALIPER app requires users to enter a gender, age range and test results for the individual whose result is being analyzed.

  • This information is not stored by the application after the calculation results are generated.

  • This information is not uploaded to any external server by the application, or otherwise transmitted from the mobile device.

  • No personal health information or other sensitive personal information is collected by SickKids.

  • Information or data is intended to be entered about a patient or child rather than the user of application on the device. In this context, linking application information and device user information will not identify an individual.

For more information please refer to SickKids’ privacy policy.