Mother & Child Health Initiative


Thank you for your interest in participating in the Mother & Child Health Initiative! There is a recognized need for healthy reference standards for blood tests during pregnancy. At SickKids, we are trying to address this gap. By participating in this initiative, you can contribute to improving health care and medical assessment for both mother and child during pregnancy!

Simple steps to participate

Participate at a clinic near you:

  • Attend a clinic near you: Check out our upcoming events and attend a clinic in your community. Our team will be onsite at community centres across the Greater Toronto Area (GTA) where individuals can participate. Contact us to learn more about upcoming events!
  • Complete a health questionnaire: At each clinic, our team will walk you through informed consent and provide you with a health questionnaire to complete (~15 minutes).

  • Donate a small blood sample: Trained SickKids phlebotomists will then collect a small blood sample (approximately three tablespoons) from you.

  • Receive remuneration: To thank you for your participation, participants receive a $20 honorarium and a gift basket! Blood test results are also available upon request.

Participants have the option to participate once, or up to four times (once each trimester and once postpartum) and receive remuneration each time. If you are interested in participating more than once, our study team will send reminders when it is time for your next participation time point.

Contact Information Form
Health Questionnaire
Participant Consent

Have questions?

See our FAQs below or contact our clinical research project coordinators at

This research study aims to improve the diagnosis and treatment of pregnant individuals across Canada. We are trying to determine what is normal and healthy when a pregnant individual is screened for disease. Our findings will be used by health-care providers in order to compare healthy and normal blood levels to those of their sick patients.

Participation requires the completion of informed consent, a health questionnaire, and a small blood donation.

If you would like to access your blood test results, your family physician will be contacted. They are able to share that information with you and choose the appropriate action to take.

Approximately three tablespoons of blood is collected.

We test for many different markers within the blood. This includes hormones, vitamins, proteins etc. These levels ultimately look at serum chemistry, enzymes, proteins, and haematology markers.

Pregnant individuals aged 18 to 40 years can participate up to four times (1st trimester, 2nd trimester, 3rd trimester, and postpartum) and receive remuneration each time.

Yes, all data collected will be kept confidential and results published are anonymous.

Upcoming clinic events

Email our coordinators at at to schedule an appointment near you!