Welcome to the COVID-19 Seroprevalence Study!

The COVID-19 study aims to understand how COVID-19 affects children and adolescents. Our findings will help inform the effects of COVID-19 exposure and vaccination on immunity against the disease in the paediatric population.

CALIPER has partnered with schools and centres across the Greater Toronto Area to provide free rapid antigen testing (current infection through nasal testing) and antibody testing (previous infection or response to vaccination) to paediatric participants. All participants who donate a blood sample will receive their antibody results.

How can I participate?

Healthy children from birth to 18 years of age are eligible to participate in the COVID-19 Seroprevalence Study.

Participation involves:

  • Informed consent

  • Health questionnaire

  • Small blood donation AND/OR nasal swab

The CALIPER Project would like to thank all of our participants in this study. This study is now completed, please see below the publication of our findings:

Bohn MK, Steele S, Adeli K. SARS-CoV-2 serology in pediatrics: Seroprevalence studies in unvaccinated children and humoral antibody response post vaccination. Clin Biochem. 2023;119:110630. doi:10.1016/j.clinbiochem.2023.110630

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